Sex With Intelligent Life Forms Is (Maybe) Possible

Occurrence of sex and even marriage between spiritual intelligent life forms (Genii) and humans has been part of our history and belief since the beginning. That is the case in every major religion: sex with spirits, demons, marriage with Satan, sex with Jinn and so on.


In modern time we have a lot of registered testimonies of sex with aliens or ghosts, and in psychology are known as:

  • Exophilia  – the love of strange, new, extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human life-forms.
  • Spectrophilia –Sex with Ghosts and Demons.

But are there real supernatural entities who engage in sexual activity with humans? Are there intelligent life forms who interact with humans via sex? Thousands of people claim to have had sex with demons and ghosts, but is there anything more to this other than deviations on sleep paralysis, drugs, psychiatric issues and an overactive unconscious?

In many native tribes we can find evidence of belief in “Sexual Spirits” or “fertility spirits”. There are many incarnations of these beings in different cultures: the “Popo Bawa” man-hunter of Zanzibar; an insecure dwarf in El Trauco; a Hungarian demon called Liderc. Stories of intelligent life forms (Genii) had special incarnations in ancient Egypt, Nigeria, and India too. Later, different nations accumulated tales and each named their own Genii. Over many centuries there are legends of spirits having sex with humans in Christian, Greek, Jewish and Celtic folklore dating back to 2400 BC.

In Christianity the Inquisition devoted attention to sex between humans and demons. Prior to the 12th century, the church denied the possibility of intercourse with demons. By the 14th century, as the Inquisition gained force and witchcraft was decreed a punishable heresy, intercourse with demons became accepted. Enemies of the church were said to not only have sex with demons but also copulate wildly and frequently with them and to worship them.

In Arabic culture even marriage is possible:

This means that if marriage between humans and jinn could occur, it would not be possible for either party to have the companionship and love described due to their different origins; and thus, the wisdom behind marriage would be fast.

However, what points to the possibility of marriage between the two species is the verse from the Qur’an mentioned above

[6O;56]. And in any case, if such marriages occur toady or have occurred before, they are certainly rare and must be regarded as ‘strange.’ Besides, from an Islamic perspective, if one is said to be doing it, he is in a sense possessed’ and has no way to control it.


Is sex  with Genii possible?

So, is it possible to have sex with other intelligent life forms (Genii)?

History and folklore say – yes.


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