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Intelligence of Life Form That Live Among Us. Are They Intelligent As We Are?

Medical Definition of intelligence. a: the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations b: the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests) 2: mental acuteness.

In 2007, Vadim N. Tsytovich and colleagues proposed that lifelike behaviors could be exhibited by dust particles suspended in a plasma, under conditions that might exist in space. Computer models showed that, when the dust became charged, the particles could self-organize into microscopic helical structures capable of replicating themselves, interacting with other neighboring structures, and evolving into more stable forms. Same process could happened on Earth, and evolve in  more complex life forms.


Super intelligence or not

Complexity of life forms could, eventually, evolve in intelligent life forms (Genii). But the question is how intelligent are they?

If we compare them with us humans, than we can say that they are not more intelligent. Trough historic texts, scripts and folklore some of characteristics of Genii are always constant –  highly emotional, revengeful, manipulative, egoistic, selfish, rude, controlling, excessive anger:

An intelligence quotient of our teenagers.

IQ of the Genii vary, but in general their intelligence is lower than ours. Some of them have a very high intelligence quotient, due to long life and other factors, some of them are very educated. As with humans, Genii intelligence is shaped by both internal genetic factors and external environmental circumstances. Because of Genii characteristics not all environmental factors are influenced evolution of their intelligence.

Because of that, our assumption is that IQ of Genii are lower than humans.

A lot of research need to be done,  to verify our assumption, most trough analysis of Genii behavior.


Genii characteristics

Physical traits of the Genii

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