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Genii Characteristics – Shape Sifters That Can Interact With Humans

In other Genii characteristics are not only physical, but psychological one as well. The existence of a world parallel to our own has always been part of our evolution. This world is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and every society have some concept of one.

With some people, these spirits are no more then the souls of dead people- or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil – both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity.


Genii characteristics

  • Some form of intelligence
  • Invisible to naked eye
  • Possibility to interact with matter
  • Possibility to interact with humans (possession, occultism,  ghosts, aliens, Voodoo, black magic, witchcraft, fortune telling)
  • Mortality
  • Live lot longer than humans
  • As a species, older than humans
  • Population larger than human population
  • Live in societies
  • Have great knowledge of medicine and psychology
  • Have emotions
  • Shape sifters
  • Physical strength (only some of them, not all of them)
  • Appear to respond to the spiritual convictions of humans
  • Can be physically deterred or harmed by humans
  • Move trough space much faster than humans, ability to fly
  • Sexual intercourse with each other and humans


Some of named characteristics needed to be explained in separate posts, because of their importance for understanding Genii as a species  and Alter evolution theory.


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